Monday, May 26, 2008

Absolutely No Loyalty Whatsoever

I've joined a knitalong. Not that there's a lot of knitting time in my life at the moment. Or that I have a particular need for a new shawl/wrap. I was enabled, what can I say?

There I was, minding my own business when someone (I can't even recall who the culprit was at the moment), had posted a link on their blog to Knit and Knag. (Like that one). I followed the link to meet Anna, who as designed the most gorgeous lace shawls that I've seen in a long time. Mystic Meadows is the current KAL, and it follows several other "Mystic" designs like Mystic Light and Mystic Waters.

I especially like the fact that it's in a fingering weight, rather than a lace weight yarn. First, because it gives me some different yarn choices and second, because sometimes that teeny tiny little lace weight yarn can get a bit disheartening... kind of like knitting with thread.

I'm having problems with my yarn choice, though. I know that Marie over at Brooklyn Handpun has a batch of yarn that she put up specially for this KAL. Of course, all my most favorite color selections are already gone. There are a lot of gorgeous sock yarns from lots of different sites that would work, but I don't usually like hugely variegated yarns with lace (subtle color differences that let you see the lace pattern are fine, though). I did want something with some silk, because I love the drape, so I finally settled on Gloss from Knit Picks. I bought enough for the whole project for under $20, so I'm fine with changing my mind if something better comes along (I can be so fickle!).

Any ideas of alternatives that I might want to consider?

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