Sunday, September 28, 2008


Ever sit down to try and accomplish something and have absolutely everything you do turn out wrong? Yesterday was like that. I finally finished the Mystic Meadows shawl, and I decided to block it. Several false starts later, it is sitting in a damp, unblocked heap. I'm not up to the gory details at the moment, so let's talk about something fun instead, shall we?

How about the Big E? The Big E is the local shorthand for the "Eastern States Exposition". It's kind of a state fair for all of New England, and it happens to be held one town over from where I live. It runs for two-and-a-half weeks every fall, and it's a local tradition. It really doesn't change tremendously from year to year, but it's always a fun day.

I took the kids last Saturday, since Don had to work. One of the main attractions, of course, is the food. I don't have any pictures of us stuffing our faces, but believe me, there was plenty of junk food consumed.

There are also concerts.... Fergie (from the Black-Eyed Peas), Sugarland, Natasha Bedingfield and even Mickey Dolenz were just a few on the roster this year. There are buildings representing each of the New England states which highlight the products each state produces, the big companies there (for example, Lego is in the Connecticut building), the natural resources, parks, shore, etc. and, of course, the favorite foods (it always comes back to food, doesn't it?)

No fair is complete without the rides, and we spent a little time on the midway.

Another favorite spot for me, of course, is the livestock area where, depending on the day, there are cows, sheep dogs, hogs, llamas, alpacas, sheep, goats and other farm favorites being judged. We were fortunate to be there at a time when the sheep were in the barn. Take a look at some of the gorgeous wool-on-the-hoof that we saw:

And, of course my own little lambs:

Oops, sorry... here's a slightly more human shot.

Dad wasn't able to join us, but we did have a reminder of him in when we were visiting the Budweiser Clydesdales tent. (Those are absolutely amazing horses, by the way). One of the big fellas that pulls the beer wagon was named "Don".... can't think of anything more appropriate!

All in all, it was a great, and exhausting, day. I'll leave you with a very pretty picture of the setting sun from my backyard, and save my tales of woe about the shawl blocking for another day.

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