Sunday, July 6, 2008

Put on Your Party Dress!

I'm headed to a party this afternoon! Not a 4th of July party, although I'm sure there will be plenty of red, white and blue goodies. It's actually a birthday party for my sister's two kids, Taylor and Haley, who are turning 18 and 16. Because their birthdays are within a month of one another, we do one big party. (Actually, my three are a week apart, and their big party will be next weekend).

It's nice in the sense that you start the summer with an excuse to clean up your house and yard really well, and after one big blow-out, you can kick back and enjoy the rest of the summer. However, at my house, we're still in the midst of the "really big clean-up" piece, and it's killing me! I am (truth be told) not much of a housekeeper, and saving it all up to do a few times a year is probably not the recommended approach.

Today, however, Cinderella goes to the ball. I'm heading out to Tracy's, I'll kick back by the pool and enjoy the party, and tomorrow it will be back to slaving away at my place! Enjoy your Sunday!

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