Monday, March 24, 2008

With an Oink, Oink Here

As promised, here are a couple of pictures of my Barnyard baby sweater set (although I'm not thrilled with the way the colors came out ... not sure if it's my camera or the lighting)

This was so much fun to make! I had been eyeing the pattern for ages, and when one of the girls at work announced that she was expecting her first baby, it seemed the perfect time to give it a whirl. I didn't use the Baby Ull, as suggested in the pattern, for a couple of reasons. First, the book is a few years old, and Dale doesn't make all of the suggested colors any more. Since the parents didn't want to know the gender before the baby arrived, they had settled on "earthy neutrals" for their color scheme. The Dale colors that were available didn't seem to capture that, so I went with Rowan 4-ply Soft. It's a very cozy, washable merino, and I think the colors work with the "earthy neutral" vibe.

One more bit of eye candy, because I know that all you knitters are thinking what I always think when I see colorwork... "Yeah, that's pretty, but show us the inside!" So, for all of you salivating for stranded colors, here you go:

As luck would have it, I brought the finished set with me to work today, thinking that I'd pick up a gift bag and card at lunch and then I'd be all set when the new mom comes back from her maternity leave. Guess who showed up at work for a surprise lunch with her friends today? Yep, timing is everything. Little (actually not-so-little ... he was 10.5 lbs. at birth!) Connell and his mom came in for a visit, and I was able to deliver the goodies in person. Everyone was thrilled, except Connell, who slept through the whole thing!

Crazy long day at work today, so no progress on the socks. Sigh.

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