Sunday, August 24, 2008

What I Did on My Summer Vacation

The short version? I spent a great week with my kids and my husband enjoying fantastic weather and a really nice, relaxing and fun family vacation. For those who want the somewhat longer version (the one with pictures), read on.

We rented a house in Orleans, on Cape Cod, for the week. It's a nice area with lots to do, but not so commercially built up as the upper cape (around Hyannis). We did all those fun things that you always say would be nice to do as a family, but never seem to get around to.

We had picnics (thanks to hubby for being the official family photog): We flew kites:We jumped on trampolines (okay, only the kids did that):

We went to the beach, of course, where Emma and Molly, along with a couple of friends, buried Austin in the sand (love the seaweed hair):We went on a fantastic whale watch. If you've done one before, you know that the whales are usually kind of hanging around, coming up to breathe and then diving. You mostly see their backs and their tails, when they dive. This time, we had countless whales, and one in particular was amazingly active, rolling around and leaping out of the water. Very uncommon to catch that. As the guide on the trip pointed out, it takes an enormous amount of energy to lift that much weight out of the water!And, since we were in P-Town for the whale watch (that's Provincetown to those who are not familiar with our local nicknames), it turned out that it was Carnival week in town, and we were there on the day of the carnival parade! If you're not familiar with P-Town, it is an old Portuguese fishing town that has been adopted over the years, first by artists and writers in the early 20th century and then, somewhat later, by the gay/lesbian/transgender community. It's a really lovely little town, with all kinds of eclectic shops and restaurants. (and, of course, a few shops that are best not visited with the young'uns). All in all, it's a town that's very open and welcoming, and a lot of fun.

Particularly for something like the carnival parade. Did I mention that the theme was "The Wild West"? Yes, we had cowboys and indians and dance hall "girls" and even a few school marms. The kids enjoyed catching the beads tossed from the floats that went by, and they were especially pleased with the large purple beads from the K-Y float that said "Keep Life Sexy" (!) As you might imagine, that particular float was very popular with the crowd. Fortunately, my younger kids just thought they were cool beads, and we avoided any tricky questions about what the product was! And, of course, we drove around a bit and enjoyed lots of "picture postcard" views like this:

Yes, there was also knitting (and reading!... it's been ages since I could just hang out with a book). And there was new fiber acquisition as well... but for all those details, you'll just have to stay tuned. It's late now, so I'm headed off to bed!

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