Friday, July 25, 2008

Catch Up - The First

So much has been going on around here, and I've started so many times to post an entry, but it seems that each time I sit down to write an post, there's more that I want to tell you and it will take longer to write the post, and I don't have the pictures I want and... I just talk myself out of it.

So here's my solution... I'll write short-ish posts, each about one thing (or two) and not worry about catching up all at once. So simple, really... just like me, it seems.

So how about a status update on some current projects? The Mystic Meadows Shawl/Stole is coming along nicely. I'm finally up to clue 4 (the last one), and it actually appears that I might finish this!

It's funny for me, working from charts, because everyone always says they love charts because they can "see what the pattern will look like." I actually can't see it. Not really. I mean, I get that there will be rows of YOs, or that the decreases will form a diagonal line here, but I can't really put together what it will look like until I knit it up. Take this little thing, for example:

I was clueless from the chart... it basically looks like a square with an "X" through it. Then I knit it up, and stretched it out, and I was still clueless. But.... then I let go of the blocking and let it bunch up, and I kind of squinted my eyes and I could see:

A butterfly!! How cute is that? I'm still not sure that the picture has captured it, but the pattern has a large section with these darling little butterflies that I absolutely love. I hope they are recognizable when the whole thing is finished and blocked.

I haven't done much on the sidewinder sock since I started it, but I'll share a picture with you anyway. Here's the first sock, about halfway done.

Isn't that the most unusual thing? It's definitely a knit that you have to take on faith. I spent a long time looking at the directions trying to figure out what the heck I was doing (especially on the toe). If you just follow the directions without trying too hard to understand them, it will all work out in the end, I promise!

They do seem like they're going to have a really nice fit, which is the big selling point for these socks. The back 1/4 or so is garter stitch, for some extra stretchiness, and it even has some nice short row shaping for the calf. Not sure if you can actually see it, but here's a pic.

Ok, I'm going to end here... but I will be back! I ran up to WEBS last night while Emma was at art lessons, and I got all kinds of fun and lovely things that I know you'll want to see. Plus I have a couple of weeks worth of SP12 questions to answer at some point and I'll have to fill you in on the (very) local SNB that I found via Ravelry that has kindly adopted me and given me a fun place to spend my Wednesday evenings. So keep an eye out... I'll be back for more.

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