Monday, May 5, 2008

Blowin' in the Wind

That's what my roving was doing all afternoon. I took advantage of the sunny and slightly breezy afternoon to dry my newly dyed collection of roving outside. The plant hooks proved handy, since it's still a little early for flowers, and they were the perfect place for my hangers.

Yes, there's one more color there that you hadn't seen yet. I seem to be very attached to all things in the green family, when it comes to yarn. So, I decided to use my last few ounces of roving for something in the springtime family. I used the same moss green as I had earlier, and I added some juniper green. In a happy accident, the juniper color broke during dying, which brought out the red in it. But it really took on more of a brown tone, which sort of looked like that was the way I planned it -- it had that whole green/brown/tree vibe going.

Here they are, all skeined up, looking puffy and (very) bright.

Did you notice the little hitchiker that hopped on while the roving was drying?

I figure a ladybug is always good luck, don't you think? Don't worry, I carefully removed her and sent her on the way before I brought the fiber inside (because bugs inside the house are never good luck... no matter how you slice it).

I spun a tiny piece of the green up, just to see what I would get. I'm pleased with the swatch. I'm not sure that you can see it here very well, but it has a very subtle light and dark to it. Of course, this is just a teeny weeny swatch -- about an inch square on insanely small needles -- but I'm pretty sure it has that effect I wanted.

The colors are still a little brighter than I would have liked, but overall, I think it was a great first attempt and a heck of a lot of fun. I'm sure there's more dyeing in my fiber future!

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Esoteric Knitter said...

Gorgeous work Angie!!

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