Thursday, April 3, 2008

Back to Spinning

It's been several months since I've done any serious spinning. I'll tell you the reason, but it's dumb. I'm just telling you that up front. I have a really nice comfy chair in my room where I love to sit when I watch TV and knit or read or blog. But not when I spin, because the plush carpet makes spinning just far too much work for my tired legs. So, I like to spin in the kitchen, on the linoleum floor (or out on the patio, in season). This all worked out well until the TV in the kitchen stopped working a few months back. I really hated having a TV in our kitchen, so I was more than happy when it stopped working... until I realized I had stopped spinning. Apparently, without the ability to watch TV, I am unwilling to sit alone in the kitchen. (go figure!)

Fortunately, the dry spell is over, thanks to Naomi. I met this fascinating woman in a spinning class about a year ago. When I emailed her a few months after the class to say that I'd love to get together and spin some time, she replied that she would, too. Of course, it would have to wait a while, because she was in Cambodia with Doctors Without Borders for the next 6 months. Man! Somehow my story about the great meeting I ran at work that day fell a little short. Ditto my nail biter about the mystery of who was eating the candy out of the candy jar on my desk. Yep, saving lives in the jungle just seems to trump office life. Fortunately, Naomi is a delightful and gracious woman, who doesn't take herself too seriously and who has no interest in being considered the next Mother Theresa. She just saw an opportunity to do some good, and she did it. Very nice... we should all be so willing to put our money where our mouth is.

So, now she's home, and we finally got together for an evening, and some wonderful stories were shared, and some pretty good spinning got done.

You like?

It's a beautiful merino/Tencel blend from the Spunky Eclectic fiber club. I got it ages ago (maybe last November) and I'm so glad I finally got it spun up. And, since I was on a roll, I actually started knitting it up right away.

This is the Morning Surf Scarf. I love how the color changes add to the undulating feeling.

Here's one a little closer in:

My big concern at this point is whether I have enough yardage to make something that's a usable length. Every way I measure, it seems like it will be fine, but I tend to get paranoid about having enough yarn. Always. It's just my little neurotic thing...well, one of them anyway.

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